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ily lj. this is soo coolio. but guess wat?

its summmmmaaaaaaa!!!!!!

ah im so x-ited! I'm goin to an all gurls campie itll be supercoolio, plus i would NEVER EVA cheat on my bff because i loooooovvvve him........ily brad soooo much. soooo much. but anywho, yaa so ummm kristie my BFFFOREEAEAEAEEEAEAEAEA who is soooo coolio but ne whooo, my otha bff KATHLINE.....she is afriad to leave him messages cause she afraid to make out wid him. god.....hes soooooo hottie, but he is HERS DONT WORRY AHHHHHH HES SO CUTIEOOO.....but hes hers. ahhhh so EXITED FOR summa with da kitties in cabin 3.....PP POWER!!!!!!

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